MedySky -  Taking Healthcare Services to a whole new level
MedySky is your friendly, online health information management system that helps collate and store all health records of an individual at one place, providing easy accessibility – ANYTIME & ANYWHERE. The objective is to empower the individuals and doctors with the benefits of better information-sharing, complete and transparent information, lower costs and affordability, real-time results, ease in getting multiple opinions and reduce paper work. Through MedySky doctors, patients, labs and other healthcare service providers can connect online for secured and private exchanges between themselves.

Medysky is a comprehensive integrated healthcare IT system that presents to an individual a range of services in the wellness chain like maintaining your health records , searching for doctors, taking e-appointments, getting your lab tests done automatically, home delivery of medicines from various choices of pharmacy, data analytics etc.

As a doctor, record and view patient’s data such as current medications, allergies, medical conditions etc. , send automated reminders for appointments, give out a printed e-prescription, provide data analytics etc. and thus help serve your patients in a more systematic and efficient manner.

MedySky for Doctors

 Grow your Practice 

Enhance practice quality and revenues through improved

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Online Appointment Management 

Online scheduling and management of appointments with automated

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Storage & Sharing of Health Records

Structured and secured online creation, storage and sharing

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Practice Analysis

Gain useful insights into your
practice to improve

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MedySky for Individuals

Book Appointment

Patients can search for doctors
and schedule online

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Medical History

The patients need not worry about maintaining their medical records

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Document Upload

Patients can automatically update their medical history like

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Appointment Reminders

Patients can receive event based notifications and reminders

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MedySky intends creating a seamlessly integrated web based health information exchange ecosystem
Medysky has the unique advantage of having on board industry leaders with decades of healthcare IT experience.
MedySky has been founded by a group of visionary entrepreneurs having vast experience.


MedySky therefore addresses critical challenges in our health care system.

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